Most of us realize the value of good health only when we lose it. We can make the best use of our life only when our body is in its healthiest state. You may have big audacious goals in life, but you first need to have a healthy body in order to achieve everything else in life.  According to energy science, we have a physical body and an invisible energy body outside our physical body. For simplicity of understanding, I am going to discuss about gaining mastery over the health of our physical body only, in this article.


Health Mastery

Let’s see how we can improve our health and gain control over our body using the below 5 steps:

STEP 1 : Always appreciate

Our body is the biggest gift that we received when we were born. It is so loyal to us that it stays with us until our last breath. We may lose our money. We may lose our relationships. But our body accompanies us through both good and bad times. It is the beautiful vehicle that God has given to carry out all the tasks that we were meant to do on this earth. Therefore it is our duty to love our body unconditionally.

How is your health today? It may not be anywhere close to perfect. That’s okay. In whatever condition your health and body is at present, accept it whole heartedly with gratitude. Appreciate it for being at your service 24 x 7 without taking a break.

 STEP 2: Never complain

Our body is a machine. It is bound to go through wear and tear. Whenever you fall sick, just acknowledge it without cribbing about it. When someone enquires about your health, you need not give them your complete medical history. You need to discuss your heath in detail only with your doctor and maybe your caregivers at home. By complaining about your ailments to others, you are unwittingly sending negative signals about your health to the Universe. The person listening to you might have asked about your health with all the good intentions, but you need not brood over your ill health.

Even on days when your health is at its worst, begin your day with a positive affirmation saying “I am healthy.”

STEP 3: Set goals

If you want to be a peak performer, your health and fitness should be world-class. Set health-related goals for yourself. While doing that ask yourself what kind of body you want that would suit your current lifestyle. Make sure you take into account your age and profession while aiming for your ideal health. Don’t go by what the society defines as perfect health. Just because all your friends are training for the upcoming marathon, you need not have the same goal. If you want to be fit enough to climb the staircase, set that as your goal. Also, don’t limit yourself because of what others would think. If you are 75 and want to trek the Himalayas, please do it by all means.

STEP 4: Take action

After you get a clear idea about the kind of health and body you want, start taking the necessary steps to achieve it. In most cases, you may not be able to do this without professional help. If you want to control blood pressure, you cannot take self-medication. Please consult a doctor, dietitian, physiotherapist, yoga teacher or fitness trainer depending on the health goal you have set for yourself.

People take special care of their car and bike by giving it for servicing, using the best quality fuel, doing regular water wash, etc. Our body also needs similar attention, if not more. If we ignore it, by not servicing it (exercising) or giving it the right fuel (nutritious food), it is going to show its after effects in the form of disease and ailments.

STEP 5: Monitor progress

What gets measured gets improved. Find a way to monitor your progress on a daily or weekly basis. If your goal is to reduce 5 kgs, you can monitor your diet and exercise on a daily basis and check your weight once a week. This will help you understand your body better. If you are finding it challenging to stick to your plan to improve your health, go back to a professional and seek an alternative solution.

Health Mastery

Practice Kaizen- the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. Big results come from many small changes done over a period of time. You need to be dedicated and persistent towards improving your health. Love your body and it will love you back ten