TRAMA™ is the acronym for Transforming Relationships & Manifesting Abundance. This technique is based on the fact that everything in this Universe works on energy. The Universe always provides us with abundance. But we human beings are not completely tuned to receive this abundance from the Universe. Our limiting beliefs and non-supportive thoughts block our energies from flowing freely. Using TRAMA Tuning™, we’ll help you to remove the blocks in your energy body and experience abundance in every aspect of your life, with prime focus on your relationship. We will help you to utilize your fullest potential to grow to the next level in your relationships, health, career and money by tuning your energy levels.


TRAMA Tuning is for anyone who is serious and committed about improving their relationship with themselves, with their life partner and with other people. You can pick the coaching plan based on your current relationship status:


This is for:

  • People who are looking for the right life partner, but are not able to find one.
  • People who are engaged/committed and need counselling to clear the baggage from the past & begin the journey of togetherness.
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This if for:

  • People who are married and want more understanding, excitement and love in their relationship.
  • People who are unhappy about their relationship with their spouse and want to get separated.
  • People who have lost their spouse, separated or divorced and are looking to start a new relationship.

Our coaching is based on the 2 Pillars of TRAMA Tuning™





TRAMA Tuning™ comprises of 3 levels of personalized one-on-one healing sessions: Basic, Advanced and Ultimate.

Clients will be taken through intensive sessions of 2 hours each. The number of sessions will be determined after the free consultation session, based on the intensity of the challenge the client is going through.

Usually, people taking pre-marriage counselling go through 2-3 sessions and those doing Relationship Reset go through 6-8 sessions. There would be a 1 week gap between every session. Clients are also entitled to review sessions once a month for 6 months after the coaching.

Define the Why

Why do you want to work on the relationship? What are your goals for the relationship & why is it important to you?

Identify the Pattern

What are your past life incidents? Is there a pattern? How has it shaped your belief system?

Clearance of Blocks

Re-program your belief systems using TRAMA Tuning™ and bring new possibilities in your relationship.

Chakra Balancing

This is when transformation begins at the energy level. We will scan your energy body and clean your aura.

Access to Power

Experience your power in the relationship, gain more clarity and commit to taking the action steps to transform your life.

Playing the Bigger Game

Understand your role as an individual and as a couple to transform the world in a way that is meaningful to you by making use of your full potential.

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