How to be in your UNIQUENESS

How to Be in Your Uniqueness

I believe that we are all an essence of God and are blessed with a unique set of qualities when we are born. We are given different gifts which is unique to each of us so that we can serve the world in our own unique way.

“Having a unique skill is a blessing. Identifying and utilizing it is our responsibility.” – Girish Kumar

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Health Mastery

Health Mastery in 5 Steps

Most of us realize the value of good health only when we lose it. We can make the best use of our life only when our body is in its healthiest state. You may have big audacious goals in life, but you first need to have a healthy body in order to achieve everything else in life.  According to energy science, we have a physical body and an invisible energy body outside our physical body. For simplicity of understanding, I am going to discuss about gaining mastery over the health of our physical body only, in this article. Read More

The Remote Control

Who has your remote control?

I see many people fighting with their friends and family for the TV remote control. They get a feeling of accomplishment when they win the fight and take full control over the television. Wish people take their lives also so seriously and start taking control over every aspect of it!

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Life Partner

Life Partner Checklist

We all expect a certain set of qualities in our life partner. It doesn’t matter what your current relationship status is. This blog has the 10 characteristics of the ideal life partner that we all want to see in our spouse or expect from our future spouse. This is not like a grocery checklist. You are not going to use this list to tick and evaluate your partner. Instead, you are going to be on the other side of the table and evaluate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 to see if you meet the criteria of being a great life partner. Read More