Do you Dream to be in the Perfect Relationship? You’re in the Right Place to Learn How to Take your Love to the Next Level.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to get married, have just gotten married or have been married for 50+ years! Everyone has the scope to get better at loving their partner and receiving love back.

We at Human Connect™ are here to help you to transform your relationship and manifest abundance in every area of your life using our unique healing technique called TRAMA Tuning™.

You’ll find plenty of tools, tips and techniques in this site that’ll help you empower yourself first and then build a more loving and fulfilling relationship with your spouse. You can get access to my coaching, check out my book, read the blog posts as well as watch my videos to equip yourself to become a better spouse. Let marriage be the biggest blessing in your life.

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Picture4I’m Dr. Girish Kumar, a Relationship and Energy healer from India,  the founder of Human Connect and co-founder of Beyond You. I have also developed my own healing technique called “TRAMA Tuning™” (Transforming Relationships and Manifesting Abundance). I am the author of the International Amazon Best Seller “The Marriage Mantra : 10 Guiding Principles To Build A Beautiful Marriage”. I have been conferred with an honorary doctorate in Alternative Therapy with specialization in Healing and Counselling by Indian Virtual University for Peace & Education. I am also a professionally certified Sound healer.

Right from my young age, I’ve had this unique gift of healing people through prayers. As I started growing up, I began questioning the causes and consequences of this divine intervention in my life. This quest for knowledge led me to formally learn and practice many energy healing techniques like Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Neuro Linguistic Programming – Master Practitioner, Tarot Card Reading, Bach Flower Remedy, Angel Card Reading, Su-Jok, Magnified Healing, Psychotherapy, Pendulum Dowsing, Naadi Healing, Hypnosis, Access Consciousness Bars, Emotional Freedom Technique, Himalayan Singing Bowls, etc. This combined knowledge gave me the insight to develop his own healing technique called “TRAMA Tuning™”. I also attended every workshop I could in the areas of quantum physics, meditation, yoga, money manifestation, mind power, emotional mastery, breathing techniques, experiential learning, law of attraction, spirituality, health, food and nutrition, etc. I have completed Train the Trainer program by Blair Singer and I’m now an international certified trainer.

Picture2My wife and I are the best of friends. People keep asking us to share our secret for a happy marriage. When I saw plenty of couples who are not fully aligned with each other and are lacking power in their life, I realized that my life purpose is to help people transform their relationships through my gift of healing. In order to pursue my purpose, I quit my corporate career of thirteen years and started my relationship coaching company – Human Connect™.

I live in Chennai with my loving life partner Jyotsna and two beautiful children Advika and Vedant. Jyotsna is the Founder of Happy Self Publishing.




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TRAMA™ is the acronym for Transforming Relationships & Manifesting Abundance. This technique is based on the fact that everything in this Universe works on energy. The Universe always provides us with abundance. But we human beings are not completely tuned to receive this abundance from the Universe. Our limiting beliefs and non-supportive thoughts block our energies from flowing freely. Using TRAMA Tuning™, we’ll help you to remove the blocks in your energy body and experience abundance in every aspect of your life, with prime focus on your relationship. We will help you to utilize your fullest potential to grow to the next level in your relationships, health, career and money by tuning your energy levels.


Build a Happy Marriage

Sleep Better

Increase your Wealth

Gain Emotional Mastery

Release your Fears & Phobias

Improve your Health

Get Clarity about Life

Raise your Energy Level

Quit your Addictions

Achieve your Goals

Improve your Self Esteem

Transform your Body


After working with Girish Sir, I understood that I’ve not been taking 100% responsibility for my marriage. His coaching has helped me to understand myself better and love my wife more. Thanks to the techniques taught by him, I’ve been able to overcome a recent personal tragedy. I highly recommend TRAMA Tuning for all married people.

John Bosco
John Bosco
TRAMA Tuning has made me respect the individual spaces that my husband and I need in our marriage. We have become more open and transparent with each other and are able to resolve conflicts by the end of the day instead of postponing. I’ve now understood how to handle my intelligence, love and power.