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Do you Dream to be in the Perfect Relationship? You’re in the Right Place to Learn How to Take your Love to the Next Level.

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to get married, have just gotten married or have been married for 50+ years! Everyone has the scope to get better at loving their partner and receiving love back.

We at Human Connect™ are here to help you to transform your relationship and manifest abundance in every area of your life using our unique healing technique called TRAMA Tuning™.


TRAMA Tuning™ comprises of 3 levels of personalized one-on-one healing sessions: Basic, Advanced and Ultimate

Using TRAMA Tuning™, we’ll help you to remove the blocks in your energy body and experience abundance in every aspect of your life, with prime focus on your relationship.

Clients will be taken through intensive sessions of 2 hours each. Coaching sessions can be scheduled either on Skype or in person with Dr.Girish.

Most importantly, we maintain 100% confidentiality of all the information provided by our clients. We truly value your privacy.

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Please fill in the below form to apply for a FREE 30 minute consultation with Dr.Girish. We would review your application to see if TRAMA Tuning can be used to help you overcome your challenges. We’ll contact you if you qualify for the coaching program. We would maintain utmost confidentiality of all the personal information you provide.
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How to be in your UNIQUENESS

How to Be in Your Uniqueness

I believe that we are all an essence of God and are blessed with a unique set of qualities when we are born. We are given different gifts which is unique to each of us so that we can serve the world in our own unique way.

“Having a unique skill is a blessing. Identifying and utilizing it is our responsibility.” – Girish Kumar

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The Remote Control

Who has your remote control?

I see many people fighting with their friends and family for the TV remote control. They get a feeling of accomplishment when they win the fight and take full control over the television. Wish people take their lives also so seriously and start taking control over every aspect of it!

Each and every one of us has immense power, but Read More




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Dr. Girish Kumar
Founder & Healer

Speak to Dr.Girish

 Call : +91 9840809050
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Shivalaya Apartments,
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Ayushi Kondoi
TRAMA Tuning Practitioner

Ayushi, a student of Dr.Girish, is a certified TRAMA Tuning Practitioner.
She has 2 decades of healing experience as a certified Reiki Master, advanced Pranic Healer, a psychotherapist, a master of crystal healing & has done Shambhavi Sadhna at Shivyog. She is naturally gifted with the power of intuition to heal people.

Speak to Ayushi

 Call : +91 9331927210
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Office Address

TOWER-4.9B, 61.B.l Saha Road
South City Garden,
Kolkata-53, India