It is a pleasure for me to be able to write this foreword for Girish Kumar’s wonderful book “The Marriage Mantra”. If you’re in a relationship or just thinking about getting into one, then this is the book that will help you steer through any choppy waters that every relationship goes through from time to time. This book is not just easy to read and implement, but has been carefully curated with the best marriage advice that has actually worked for the author and his clients.

I have been happily married to my wife, Barbara, for over 35 years now and I can totally relate to each of the 10 principles mentioned in this book. It also makes me appreciate the fact that no matter how good your relationship is, there is always room for improvement.

marriage mantra coverGirish has done a commendable job of quitting his conventional job to pursue his passion for relationship coaching. I highly recommend his work at Human Connect where he works one on one with people who are looking to improve their marriage. His approach of uniting counselling with energy healing makes his work truly unique and effective. By reading his book, it is easy to see that he has spent years in understanding how relationships work at the energy level and Girish has mastered the science of re-programming the sub-conscious mind to overcome past conditioning and limiting beliefs to create empowering relationships.

Essentially, improving any relationship is about improving how you feel about yourself; it’s not about ‘fixing’ your partner. Girish’s concept of everybody taking 100% of the responsibility for their relationships can be a real eye-opener for a lot of people. There are action steps to take for each of the ten principles and case studies with real-life clients who have benefitted from following these principles and have successfully improved their relationships—sometimes even saved them from disaster. Don’t forget to check out the relationship self-assessment questionnaire at the end of the book which will help you understand which areas in your relationship need your attention.

I have spoken to more than 5 million people in 56 countries over a 30-year career in professional speaking and writing. I have produced 55 books that have been published in as many as 38 languages and which are sold in more than 50 countries. What I have learned is that you can never know exactly what thing it is that you do that will lead to your success. However, if you follow the principles in this book, you dramatically increase the likelihood that you will achieve not only a great relationship but also success in your life in general.

If you can take just a single idea from this book and implement it, you will create a significant positive impact on your life. As a bonus for reading this book, Girish is offering the opportunity to apply for a free consultation session with him. Readers should not pass this fantastic opportunity up; it could give you more clarity and direction to improve your relationship. I echo Girish’s advice when he says “If you are facing challenges in your life that you are struggling to deal with, then you should always seek expert help as soon as you can.”

Having a good relationship is not only important in itself, but it will also have a positive impact on many other aspects of your life. You’ll be doing yourself and your life partner a huge favor by absorbing and practicing the principles in this book.


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